Brown Kraft Labels

Brown Kraft Paper Labels On A4 Sheets – Permanent Adhesive – For Laser & Inkjet Printers

Our natural brown ribbed kraft labels create a superb vintage look for handcrafted products, such as candles, cards, wax melts and soaps. These sticky labels have a very attractive and natural brown colour, plus a subtle ribbed pattern on the surface. A brown and uncoated kraft paper sticker material that has a permanent, acrylic based adhesive.

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Brown Kraft labels come in 10, 25, 50, 100 & 500 sheet packs, from £7.20 including VAT & UK mainland delivery. In stock for dispatch same day or next working day.

Brown Kraft Labels
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Key Facts – Brown Ribbed Kraft Labels – BRK:

Label Material: Brown Ribbed Kraft Paper – a natural brown paper
Printer Compatibility: Inkjet or Laser Printers
Adhesive: Permanent Acylic Based Adhesive
Substance: 70 g/m²
Caliper: 95μm
Opacity: 93%
Waterproof: No

Printing on Brown Kraft Label Paper

You can easily print information on brown kraft labels by using both laser or inkjet printers, copier machines, or you can hand write on them. Best print results are obtained using inkjet & laser printers, the background colour does lend itself more to black print, but can be printed in mono or colour. We also have a number of free label templates that you can download to help you with positioning the text within the labels.

What Are Brown Kraft Labels?

Brown kraft labels have a very attractive finish and give a decorative look to any labelling project. Kraft labels are used by crafters everywhere to add a special touch to their creations. Whether it’s a candle, wax melts, handmade soap, or simply mailing labels with a vintage, rustic charm; these labels add the perfect finishing touch.

The labels are made from brown kraft paper, which is a type of unbleached, heavy paper made from wood pulp. It is often used for packaging and labelling products due to its natural, rustic appearance and its strength and durability. Kraft labels are often used for food packaging and labelling, as well as for products in other industries such as cosmetics, household goods, and more.

Brown kraft labels are often used in place of traditional white paper labels because they are more environmentally friendly and have a natural, eco-friendly appearance. They are also often used in applications where a strong and durable paper label is needed.

What Can Brown Kraft Labels Be Used For?

This label material is deal in the sandwich and snack market to give a natural or vintage appearance, and also good for handmade craft or homemade products such as candles, cards and soaps. Kraft labels are popular in cottage industry, craft markets, and much more. Kraft labels are superb for creating a rustic and warm branding style.

Brown ribbed kraft labels are very popular with business owners and home crafts users who want their products to have a natural, rustic and very attractive appearance. They have the advantage of a natural and attractive brown colouring, while the ribbed finish adds a subtle pattern and texture to the surface of the label material.

Brown labels convey the image that your business is dedicated to health, wellness and is eco-friendly. They also represent the handmade work, love and uniqueness that goes into creating, candles, soaps, hand made cards and many other craft products. The attractive and natural brown colour, plus the subtle ribbed pattern on the label surface, hint at nature and natural elements.

What Is A Kraft Label?

Kraft Labels are a kraft paper product with a natural brown colour. They are often used by businesses and individuals for foods, wines, cosmetic products, and many other craft items.

Are Kraft Stickers Eco Friendly?

Kraft label paper is more eco-friendly than many other label materials because it is recyclable and compostable. Kraft paper is environmentally friendly due to the more sustainable manufacturing process, the characteristics of the materials, and its eco-friendly appearance.

What does kraft mean in paper?

Kraft paper is produced from chemical pulp produced in the kraft process. The word kraft has german origins and means strength. It refers to the particular type of paper and it's strength. Kraft paper is stronger than standard paper due to the manufacturing process used.

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Brown Kraft Labels

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