Round Labels

Round Matt White Paper Labels On A4 Sheets For Laser or Inkjet Printing – Permanent Adhesive

Circular labels on blank white A4 sheets are printable on laser or inkjet printers, or you can write on them on by hand.

Round labels are the perfect shape for labelling items such as jar lids, cosmetic pots, candles, bottles or sealing party bags. They have many uses including food packaging labels, retail product promotions, branding, plus information and educational labelling in schools.

All popular sizes of standard white round labels are available, plus we also offer them in other materials and colours: coloured round, biodegradable round, brown kraft round, removable round, freezer labels and more. We also offer a range of oval labels on A4 sheets.

Round labels come in 10, 25, 50, 100 & 500 sheet packs, from £9.60 including VAT & UK mainland delivery.

All label sizes below are in stock for fast dispatch.

Round Labels
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White Paper Round Labels Key Facts:

Material: Standard Matt White Paper – Uncoated Woodfree Paper
Printer Compatibility: Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers
Adhesive Type: Acrylic Permanent Adhesive
Waterproof: No

What Are Round Labels On A4 Sheets Used For?

Round labels are very popular for use in packaging, production, retail and many other applications. A4 sheets of circular labels are commonly used in schools, product branding, promotions, informational labels warning signs and for sealing envelopes and party bags. Circular labels are ideal for food packaging labels, drinks bottles and cosmetics, as well for retail, information and educational labelling in schools and colleges.

Round labels and circular stickers are the perfect shape for labelling items such as jar lids, cosmetic pots, bottles and tube containers. They add a professional touch to any product they are applied to. Cloud Labels  supply round and oval shaped stickers on blank A4 sheets to small and large businesses, as they are ideal in a retail environment where they can be used for highlighting point of sale items, as discount or half-price stickers and as standard pricing labels. Circular labels are more eye catching and visually appealing than rectangular labels.

Our round labels are incredibly versatile and are commonly used in several ways both within big organisations, and bustling businesses, in schools and other teaching centres and with individuals at home too.

Product Labelling

Labelling cosmetics or tins and jars of homemade food and drink to keep track of what’s inside as well as ingredients and the date made. This can be helpful if you want to ensure contents are used up by a particular date or you are worried about allergies.

Gift Labelling

Labelling gifts quickly and clearly so that there are no potentially embarrassing mix-ups! This can be particularly good if you are buying a lot of presents for a lot of people, i.e., your business team.

Name Badges or Name Tags

Name badges at corporate or social events, a cheap and easy way to keep track of people.

Organising Your Home or Office

Home or office organisation – our durable round labels are great for use in folders and ring binders, on office drawers to ensure people are able to find things with ease, and for drawing attention to specific pieces of information or special features that the organisation would like the reader to pay particular attention to.

Calendars and Organisers

Round labels are also great for personal organisation, and many people use them to enhance calendars and make special events and important dates particularly obvious.

Company Branding

Stickers for printing out company logos and sticking them to products or documents, or as badges to reward participants for turning up to a conference or events.

Cloud Labels offers blank round labels on A4 sheets in a variety of materials, sizes, and colours. Whatever size of circle you are looking for, we’ve got the solution. Design your circular labels and get started sticking them to your product or project.

Circular Labels With Different Adhesives

If you are looking to buy circular stickers for item pricing and point of sales labelling, then our removable, easy-peel, low tack self-adhesive labels are the ideal choice. Suitable for labelling literature, glassware and other items that may easily be damaged by stickers that are backed with glues that are more permanent, these easily removable labels can be peeled away from a glass and paper products without leaving any unwanted residue and without damaging more fragile products such as book covers.

Round Sticky Labels – Available in a Full Range of Options

In addition to our standard range of white round labels, we also offer coloured round labels, gold and silver metallic round labels and fluorescent round labels.

Clear round labels are another popular product line in our round sticky labels range which provide a special finish that is also printer friendly. Other items in the same range include our gloss finish inkjet labels and our polyester range of labels that are weather and waterproof – making them suitable for labelling products that are to be stored outdoors.

How Can You Print on Round Labels?

You can easily print information on round labels by using both laser or inkjet printers, as well as in photocopying machines, or you can simply write on the labels by hand. We also have a number of free label templates that you can download to help you with positioning the text within the labels.

Round Label Design & Printing Tips

For best results, avoid adding a border around the edge of the circle. This can create alignment issues when it comes time to printing out your labels. Also, it is a good idea to place your design near the centre of the round label, away from the perimeter, in case any movement occurs. If your label configuration allows, extended your design past the label outside so you flood the edges with colour for a perfect finish.

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