Opaque Blockout Labels

Blockout Labels On A4 Sheets – For Laser & Inkjet Printing – Permanent Opaque Adhesive

Matt white opaque blockout labels are designed for the convenient and cost-effective covering up or correction of mistakes, such as on envelopes, parcels or printed materials.

Blockout labels have a black opaque coating on the reverse side and a permanent opaque adhesive layer. This means that when the label is applied, the information beneath is completely hidden and will not show through. The surface of the blockout label can be printed over with the correct information, or simply left blank in order to obscure the information beneath. Opaque labels are also ideal for the reuse of previously used cardboard boxes, packaging and materials. If a used box is still in good condition, blockout labels can be used to cover up information on the box.

Please see our range of opaque white blockout A4 labels below. They are available in 500 sheet boxes at great prices, and dispatched within 1 working day.

Opaque Labels
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Opaque Blockout Labels Key Facts – OPQ:

Product Code: OPQ

Face Material: Woodfree machine finished paper with greyish reverse side to increase the opacity

Adhesive: Permanent

Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers

What Can Blockout Labels Be Used For?

Opaque labels are specially designed for use when changes need to be made to printed information of any type. The most common application of blockout labels is for the convenient and cost-effective correction of mistakes. For example, it could be that the wrong information has been printed and applied to a parcel, included in a brochure or perhaps even attached in the form of stickers to many thousands of products.

Also known as “Blockout” labels or “Cover-up” labels, opaque labels are used for situations where existing print or designs need to be completely covered up or “blocked out”. Opaque labels may be used to cover up errors, update obsolete information, recycle old packaging, cardboard boxes or other printed items. Unlike standard labels, the adhesive layer on a blockout label is black. This means that when the label is applied, the information beneath is completely hidden or blocked out and will not show through the new layer. The surface of the blockout label can be printed with the correct information, or simply left plain, effectively removing the incorrect information beneath.

Another popular and economical use for opaque labels is the repurposing of previously used boxes and packaging. If a cardboard box is still in good condition, blockout labels can be used to cover the address and any other information printed on the box. Instead of using new packaging, it is often possible to simply use our opaque labels to re-use previously used packaging materials.

Most standard label materials aren’t opaque enough to fully block-out underlying text and images. Our blockout matt white labels utilise a special coating on the back of the label material. This creates an opaque barrier, preventing light from passing through the label. The facesheet is a standard, bright matt white paper label that will help colours stand out prominently and be easy to read.

These cover-up labels are ideal for the following labelling applications:

  • Covering up shipping information on cardboard boxes, envelopes and mailing boxes
  • Repurposing old packaging materials
  • Hiding errors and typos
  • Concealing outdated information
  • Covering up printing mistakes
  • Hiding confidential information
  • Updating barcodes and QR codes with new ones
  • Adjusting pricing or other product text
  • Making use of old parcel tubes and packaging

Printing On Blockout Labels

Cloud Labels offer a wide range of opaque blockout labels in many shapes and sizes, including rectangular, round, oval and square labels. To make the design and printing processes as easy and convenient as possible for your business, we offer free Word and PDF label printing templates for all of our label sizes.