SRA3 Labels

Labels On SRA3 Sheets

SRA3 labels on sheets are designed for Digital Print Systems – Toner based laser printers and HP Indigo Printers. SRA3 (Supplementary Raw) sheet labels are a larger, professional format that allows for error-free, economical label printing for self-adhesive labels in a range of shapes and sizes.

Our SRA3 label sheets are available in the following materials – Matt White Paper, Matt White Removable, Semi-Gloss, Gloss White Laser, Gloss White Inkjet, Matt White Polyester, Transparent Gloss Laser, Coloured (RGBY), Brown Kraft and Matt Transparent Biodegradable Labels.

Free PDF templates available for all 18 SRA3 cutter sizes that we supply.

Our SRA3 labels come in 100 and 500 sheet packs, with discounts for larger quantities.

Fast dispatch within 1 working day. Prices include UK delivery and VAT.

SRA3 Labels
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What Uses Do SRA3 Labels Have?

SRA3 labels sheets are sized at 450 x 320mm and most commonly used by commercial printers, and the professional print trade. This is due to the cost savings available compared to printing standard size A4 labels sheets.

The cost of digital printing is based on a click charge (number of pages printed), regardless of the sheet size. Therefore, printing SRA3 sheets instead of A4 halves the click charge. The cost per square meter is less for SRA3 compared to the equivalent material in A4. Further savings can be made in set up and printing time.

Available from stock with a range of 18 different die-cut sizes or solid sheets. Comes in many different materials including both papers & synthetics, white or clear, plus a choice of permanent or removable adhesive options.

SRA3 sheet labels are the most economical way of printing self adhesive labels through your digital press or litho press. Hot fuse toner (laser) and litho printers can use the full range of SRA3 materials available.

What Is SRA3 Sheet Size?

SRA stands for ‘Supplementary Raw Format A’ and is slightly larger than the standard A series sizes. For example, standard A3 sized paper is 297mm x 420mm and the SRA3 size is 320mm x 450mm. SRA3 is the paper size most commercial digital print machines will take.

SRA3 Waterproof Labels

Our SRA3 Matt White Polyester Labels are self-adhesive, waterproof and have been designed for excellent weather resistance. Whether you need your labels to stand up to an outside environment, or last under varying temperatures, our reliable polyester waterproof SRA3 Labels are up to the job.

SRA3 Self Adhesive Paper

White permanent self adhesive paper with a permanent adhesive. Suitable for Photocopiers, Laser and Inkjet printing.

SRA3 Label Templates

We can provide PDF templates for our full range of 18 different cutters in our SRA3 label range. Please contact us and we can email them to you.