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Waterproof Labels

Below is a list of all waterproof labels that we supply. 

You can click on each one to look at the sizes we supply and to view more details about these different plastic label materials.

25 Sheet Min Order – Matt White Polyester
100 Sheet Min Order – Gloss Transparent Polyester
500 Sheet Min Order – Matt White PolyethyleneMatt Transparent PolyesterGloss White PolyesterRemovable Matt White Polyester

If you are going to print onto your labels, you will need to use a laser printer to make sure that they are waterproof. Laser printers fuse toner onto a surface which creates waterproof print. Inkjet printers usually use water based inks, so they will run or smudge if they get wet or damp. You can use a waterproof pen also on these labels.

All of our Waterproof Labels are made with waterproof adhesives. Matt White Polyester (MWP), Matt White Polyethylene (MWPE), Matt White Polyolefin (MWPO), and Matt White Polypropylene (MWPP) labels are made with a very strong marine quality adhesive that is BS5609 certified.

MWP vs MWPE vs MWPO Labels – The “Tough” Waterproof A4 Label Range

These labels are all BS5609 approved and designed for laser printers and most users would find that any one of the three label materials will be suitable for their application of labelling chemical drums, containers, bottles, etc. and for most other difficult, outdoor, tough label requirement. So, why have three I hear you ask?

Whilst they are very similar in their purpose, they each have some subtle variations which to some users are very desirable. 

How the labels stick: They all have good adhesives of course, although our MWPE is the stickiest of the three. The new MWPO comes next followed by MWP being not quite as aggressive as the other two. But what does this mean in real life: On a clean, flat metal surface you would see little difference between the three label materials, but on a rough surface or chemically unusual surface the differences in the adhesives can make a substantial difference. 

How the labels print:  MWP is the most reliable material to print, and MWPO is more reliable than MWPE, which is particularly thick. Printer settings are very important and they get easier to print with experience, but none will print like an ordinary paper.

Other Characteristics: All of these synthetic labels all weather resistant. MWP is resistant to a slightly wider range of chemicals, though they all have resistance to most common chemicals that they are likely to be labelling. MWP does not stretch, whereas MWPO and MWPE do stretch quite a bit. This characteristic can be good or bad depending on how you want the label to handle. At the point where the label is peeled from the sheet to be used, many users prefer the handling of MWPE & MWPO over MWP. 

How the labels are to be used: Here are just a few applications that our waterproof labels have all been used for at some point:

  • Chemical drum and bottle labels
  • Signs inside and out
  • Agricultural use
  • Garden Centre labels
  • Farm Produce Labels
  • Dishwasher safe labels
  • Shelf edge & storage Labels
  • Wrist Bands.
  • Long life product labels.
  • White Goods Serial number labels
  • White Goods display labels
  • Window Signs
  • Displays

Customers should always test their own intended use to make sure the product will work for them. 

Cost: MWPO was introduced as a lower cost alternative to the other two label grades. MWP and MWPE change places quite regularly as to which is the dearest.

In the end, the choice is between: 

How aggressive you want the adhesive to be vs how it prints vs how it handles vs cost. 

Here is a quick reference guide to the above detail: 

MWP: Good tear resistance and good weathering does not stretch. Overall product prints well because it is thinner than the MWPE & MWPO. Can be susceptible to static which can give handling problems on larger labels for the user. Use Anti-Static brushes and separate the sheets thoroughly by fanning them apart. Only do this if there is a problem.

MWPE: Very flexible and stretches and is thought to be easier to handle for the person applying the labels. But very thick so not so printer friendly. Good resistance to static so helps with how it handles. Conforms to difficult shapes better than MWP.

MWPO: More like Polyethylene than Polyester, but not as thick, so is more printer friendly. Also, very good to handle for the user. Conforms to shapes better than MWP, but not quite as well as MWPE. 

If you have any questions or would like to test samples then please get in touch.


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