Waterproof Matt White Polyester Labels

Matt White Polyester Waterproof Labels For Laser Printing – Permanent Adhesive (BS5609)

These labels are made from a plastic polyester material and are waterproof and weatherproof. They are suited to situations where the printed label may be exposed to wet conditions outdoors or indoors.

We offer a wide range of waterproof labels for all applications.

Matt White Polyester MWP labels are dispatched same day or next working day.

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Waterproof Labels - Matt White Polyester
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Key Facts – Matt White Polyester – MWP:

Label Material: Matt White Polyester

Printer Compatibility: Laser Printers

Adhesive: Permanent Waterproof

Waterproof: Yes – BS5609 Approved

Matt White Polyester Label Uses

Matt white polyester plastic labels are commonly used in wet & damp areas due to the strong waterproof adhesive. Ideal for use on wheelie bins, garden products, chemical drums, farm & agricultural equipment, outdoor signage. The labels are ideal for containers that hold liquids, or may be exposed to wet conditions when applied.

Another common use is for tracking labels where the products are shipped over long distances, or exposed to varying weather conditions.  Serial number labelling on white goods and appliances is another use for waterproof matt white polyester labels.

Common Applications: Garden Centres, Chemical Products, Cosmetics, Display Signs or Shipping Labels, Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer.

What Are Our Waterproof Labels Made From?

Our waterproof labels are made of a matt white polyester film with a permanent adhesive that is strong and waterproof. Although technically a matt finish, it is important to note that these labels do have a sheen due to the plastic compound.

These labels are an ideal choice if using on items that may be in contact with water, and their durability means they will be more than up to the job of tough labelling applications.

Matt white polyester labels are suitable for laser printers, photocopying and can be hand written on too.

Matt White Polyester Label Specification

Materials: White, matt coated, heat stabilised polyester film

Basic Weight: 160gsm

Thickness: 70-80gsm face, 60-70gsm craft backing

Adhesive: Strong and Instant (10-15gsm)

Storage Temp: 2 years if stored at room temperature (+20°C)