High Tack Labels

High Tack Labels – Extra Sticky White Paper Labels On A4 Sheets – Strong Adhesive – For Laser & Inkjet Printing

A white paper label material with a very sticky high tack strong adhesive. They are ideal when applying labels to uneven surfaces, corrugated packaging, metals, plastics, fabrics, or where you want to make it difficult to remove the label after applying it. Our high tack ‘extra permanent’ labels are made from an uncoated wood-free paper suitable for laser printing, inkjet printers, and handwriting on.

High Tack labels come in 500 sheet packs, with all prices including VAT & UK mainland delivery. Same day or next working day dispatch.

We stock the popular sizes of 1 Per Sheet and 65 Per Sheet in 10, 25, 50, 100 & 500 sheet packs from £7.80 in VAT & UK Delivery. 

High Tack Labels
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Key Facts – High Tack Labels – HT:

  • Label Material: Matt White Paper
  • Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
  • Adhesive Type: High Tack Extra Strong Adhesive
  • Waterproof: No

High Tack Adhesive (HT) Label Specification

These labels use an acrylic super-permanent adhesive with high tack. These labels are great for difficult surfaces such as wood, some cardboards and plastics such as HDPE, PP, PET and PVC.

What Are High Tack Labels?

Tack is described as a measure of how quickly an adhesive bond is formed when two surfaces are brought together with light pressure. The faster two surfaces bond, the higher the tack. High tack labels have a pressure sensitive adhesive with high initial tack and strong final adhesion. The adhesive creates a strong bond between the label and the substrate that strengthens over time to make a strong permanent bond. Low tack labels, however, have a low strength adhesive that allows the labels to be repositioned.

What Are High Tack Labels Used For?

High tack labels are ideal for sticking to difficult surfaces where a standard permanent adhesive does not adhere, such as some corrugated packaging which is best suited to high tack adhesive. Uneven surfaces, such as metals and plastics or fabrics are also better suited to this extra strong adhesive.

High tack labels are used when labels are required to be more difficult to remove such as PAT labels for electrical testing, or for warning labels & instruction labels.

Typical applications for high tack labels include: Packaging Industry, Mailing, Warehousing, Food Industry, PAT Testing and more.

What Is High Tack Adhesive Used For?

High tack adhesive is designed to create an extra strong bond between the labels and substrates that continues to strengthen over time into a strong permanent bond.

Printing On High Tack Labels

You can easily print information on High Tack labels by using a laser printer or inkjet printer, or you can simply write on the labels by hand. We also have a number of free label templates that you can download to help you with positioning the text within the labels.