Gloss White Inkjet Labels

Gloss Inkjet Labels On A4 Sheets – Glossy White Paper – Permanent Adhesive – For Inkjet Printers

Gloss White Inkjet Labels have a high gloss sheen and a permanent adhesive. These glossy labels are suitable for inkjet printers and handwriting on. Gloss labels have a bright, light-reflective shiny finish, give a premium finish and a very high quality appearance. They are popular for a wide variety of uses both in the office and at home and look fantastic both to blend with glossy surfaces or to provide contrast to matt surfaces to stand out. If you are using a laser printer, please choose from our range of Gloss Paper Laser Labels instead.

All Gloss White Inkjet (GWI) labels are in stock ready for dispatch same day or next working day.

Buy 100 or 500 sheet packs with discounts for larger quantities. All prices include UK Mainland Delivery & VAT.

Gloss White Inkjet Labels
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Key Facts – Gloss White Inkjet Labels – GWI:

Label Material: Gloss White Paper
Adhesive: Permanent
Printer Compatibility: Inkjet Printers

What Can Glossy Inkjet Labels Be Used For?

Gloss Inkjet labels are very versatile, making them very popular. Our Gloss Inkjet labels are very high grade which is immediately obvious from the touch, sheen and durability of the labels too. Feedback from our customers indicates that they love the smooth, attractive finish which makes them perfect for both practical and decorative projects such as:

Home Organisation:

Our gloss labels are perfect for getting your home more organised and can be used for home office admin, for labelling jars and food items, for keeping track of toys and items for the children, and for charts and calendars too.

Home Arts & Craft Projects:

Our gloss labels are also often used for arts and craft purposes with their glossy shine making them ideal for getting creative and using on cards, or as gift labels too.

School Classrooms:

Gloss labels come in handy in all types of classrooms from pre-school, primary and secondary schools, right through to university and college students. From labelling folders and documents to highlighting important information, our high-strength gloss Inkjet labels will do the trick and the printed quality looks great.


An office environment is another area where labels are frequently used and can be found on envelopes, to give information about folders and other important documents, to label workspaces and stationary or for labelling filing cabinets and office draws also.

Events & Conferences:

The premium glossy look of these labels are ideal for networking events as name tags that really stand out, or for when handing out additional information. They can also be used to print out company logos as gloss stickers to hand out, or to label gifts or goody bags.

How Can You Print on Gloss Inkjet Labels?

You can easily print information on gloss white labels by using an inkjet printer or you can write on the labels by hand. We also have a number of free label templates that you can download to help you with positioning the text within the labels.