A5 Labels

A5 Sheet Labels

As an alternative to our A4 labels, we also have a range of labels on A5 sized sheets. These are available to buy below in our standard matt white paper label material.

We can also offer A5 label sheets in biodegradable, brown kraft, recycled paper, coloured, fluorescent, metallic, freezer, removable, gloss, waterproof polyester and more. Please contact us for pricing.

A5 labels in matt white paper are available from 50 sheets in stocked sizes and 1000 sheets for all others. They are shipped same day or next working day.

A5 Labels
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A5 Labels Key Facts

Materials: Uncoated woodfree paper
Thickness: 56 µ
Adhesive: General use acrylic permanent adhesive
Min. App.Temp: +5ºC
Temp Range: -20 – +80ºC

What Size Sheet Is A5?

Standard ISO A5 sheet dimensions are: 148mm x 210mm or 5.83″ x 8.27″ which is half the size of A4.

What Uses Do A5 Labels Have?

A5 sheet labels are ideal for printing parcel labels, shipping labels, and pallet labels. These labels can also be used for printing addresses, barcodes, product information, shipping information, organising documents and more.

A5 sized labels are also useful in offices to help organise documents. They can be stuck on filing cabinets, on office drawers, on documents, on stock racking, plus much more.

A5 labels can be an ideal addition for your home office, or to label documents or items for schools or universities too.

What A5 Label Materials Are Available?

As well as our stand matt paper label material, our A5 labels are also available in the following alternative materials: biodegradable & compostable, recycled, removable adhesive, coloured, fluorescent, metallic, laser gloss, inkjet gloss, brown kraft paper, freezer, high tack, blockout, semi-gloss, matt white polyester and transparent polyester. All of the above materials can be made to order on A5 sheets of labels within 1 working day. Please contact us for pricing.

Printing On A5 Labels

Free printing templates are available for download on our label templates page for all of our products. You can use these to print text or artwork onto our sheets of A5 labels.