Matt White Polyolefin Labels

Matt White Polyolefin Waterproof Labels – For Laser or Inkjet Printers – Permanent Waterproof Adhesive

Matt white polyolefin labels (MWPP) on A4 sheets with a permanent waterproof adhesive conforming to BS5609 part 2. They can be used with laser or inkjet printers. Please note that standard inkjet inks are not waterproof as they are water based and will smudge if they get wet. Polyolefin is thicker than our other materials and are more pliable than our matt white polyester label materials. They are ideal for labelling unusual surfaces or curved objects. Our polyolefin labels are more durable than matt white paper labels, generally chosen over Matt White Polyester (MWP) due to its pliability, and not as thick our matt white polyethylene labels. MWPO labels are suitable for harsh outdoor environments where a standard label material would not be up to the job or where the label is going to get wet.

To Summarise – MWPO is more like Polyethylene than Polyester, but not as thick, so is more printer friendly. Also, very good to handle for the user. Conforms to shapes better than MWP, but not quite as well as MWPE.

Common uses include labels for bottles and containers that hold liquids, in damp conditions such as kitchens and bathrooms, on items that are displayed outside shops or in garden centres, or on packages that are to be shipped long distances. The materials used to make these waterproof labels also conform to the BS5609 part 2 standard for marine immersion, which means they have been tested in salt water for 3 months.

MWPO Markets and Uses:

Our Matt White Polyolefin Labels have been developed as a cost effective and printer friendly version of our MWPE labels. The strong adhesive and pliable material is ideal for curved or uneven surfaces.  Chemical drum labelling is a major user of this product which also has the benefit of BS5609 part 2 approval. Commonly used outdoors or in wet / damp conditions – e.g. wheelie bins, bathroom, kitchen or garden products. Also a good product for signs within construction, engineering or maintenance companies, where they are subject to changeable weather conditions. Wristbands for hospitals or festivals, garden centres, bathroom, kitchen product manufacturer, wheelie bins, chemical industry, NHS, and outdoor event companies.

MWPO Key Facts:

Material: Matt White Polyolefin

Label Code: MWPO

Printer Compatibility: Laser Printers and Inkjet Printers

Adhesive: Permanent – Marine BS5609

Waterproof: Yes (Laser Printers Only)

Matt White Polyolefin Labels

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