Removable Labels

Removable Labels On A4 Sheets – Matt White Paper – Peelable Low Tack Adhesive

Peelable labels with a special low tack adhesive that means they can be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue. Ideal for printing temporary labels for price labels, file labels, temporary promotional labels and instructions where the label needs to stick securely but be removed easily. Removable labels are also often referred to as ‘Peelable Labels’, ‘Easy Peel’ or ‘Low Tack Labels’. They are suitable for laser printers, inkjet printers, photocopiers, or for hand writing.

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Removable labels come in 10, 25, 50, 100 & 500 sheet packs, from £7.20 including VAT & UK mainland delivery. Fast dispatch same day or next working day.

Removable Labels
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Key Facts – Removable Labels – REM:

Label Material: Matt White Paper
Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
Adhesive Type: Removable Low Tack Adhesive
Waterproof: No

What Is A Removable Label?

A removable label is a type of low tack adhesive label that can be removed from the surface it is applied to without leaving behind any sticky residue, or damaging the label itself.

Removable Label Uses

Removable labels are ideal for temporary labelling of products and promotional items. For example, for retail shop price or offer labels that can be easily peeled from products without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Peelable pricing labels are perfect for retail shop owners, market stall traders and craft fairs to mark prices for products and to add promotional messages. They stick securely but are easy to remove again when required.

Other uses are in offices or schools for temporary signs, auction houses for labelling items for sale, and also for house removal companies. The labels can be removed once an item has been sold or delivered.

Peelable stickers are ideal for labelling catalogues, diaries, cook books and text books. Removable white paper labels can be written or printed on, and attached to the edge of a page. You can print removable self-adhesive filing labels to identify your files and folders using a laser or inkjet printer at home or in the office. With a low tack adhesive, it is easy to reposition these labels whenever you need to.

Common Applications: Retail, Warehousing, Auction Houses, Schools, Office, Removal Companies, Glazing Companies.

How Can You Print on Removable Labels?

You can print information on removable labels by using both laser or inkjet printers, as well as in photocopying machines, or you can simply write on the labels by hand. We also have a number of free label templates that you can download to help you with positioning the text within the labels.

What Makes A Label Removable?

Removable labels have a low tack adhesive backing that is pressure sensitive. These can be removed easily without leaving any residue.

Other Removable Label Materials:

We also offer Glass Removable Labels which have a very low tack adhesive and can be peeled away without leaving behind any residue on glass or other delicate materials. These labels are popular with glazing companies.

Our Waterproof Removable Labels are perfect for labelling applivcations that require a peelable label that can withstand damp or wet conditions.

Removable Labels Material Specification (REM):

Uncoated woodfree paper guaranteed for laser printing

Printing techniques
Suitable for Laser, Inkjet, Copier, Digital, Litho, Handwriting

Face Material
Sheet Weight 150gsm – comprising 60-70gsm face, 60-70gsm craft backing with about 10-15gsm allowable for the adhesive and silicone.

The adhesive is best described as slightly tackier than a ‘post-it’ note.

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Arrived quickly and seem good. Finally, I should be able to get the labels off my homebrew bottles without scraping and scrubbing!

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Excellent service and price. Thanks!