Gloss Transparent Inkjet Labels

Clear Gloss Labels On A4 Sheets For Inkjet Printers – Permanent Adhesive

Transparent gloss inkjet labels have a permanent adhesive and made from a clear polyester material, making them extremely durable. They can be used in inkjet printers and can be handwritten on. Please note that if you are using a laser printer, you will need our Gloss Transparent Polyester Laser labels.

These labels can be used for labelling packaging, products, jars, containers, glass bottles and more. Our clear gloss poly inkjet labels are often used for adding information to packaging.

Gloss Transparent Polyester Inkjet (GTPI) labels are dispatched same day or next working day.

Available in 500 sheet packs. Prices include UK mainland delivery and VAT.

Gloss Transparent Inkjet Labels
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Key Facts – GTPI:

Label Material: Gloss Transparent Polyester Inkjet – GTPI

Printer Compatibility: Inkjet Printers

Adhesive Type: Permanent

Waterproof: Yes (Label Only)

What Uses Do Inkjet Gloss Transparent Labels Have?

While inkjet gloss transparent labels can be used for a variety of label applications, some of the most common ones include:

Clear Window Stickers

If you want to add your business logo to a window and create a seamlessly blended effect, transparent inkjet labels are the ideal choice. You could also use them to add decorative elements to windows, glass doors or even car windows.

Colour Matching

When businesses are trying to find the exact shade to match their product, this can be tricky. An inkjet transparent label provides an effective solution as it enables businesses to add information, text, and pictures to products while letting the product colour come through the label also.

Labelling Transparent Products

If you are looking to add a product label to an already transparent item such as glass, you may wish to opt for a transparent gloss label to print your product information so that it doesn’t take anything away or distract customers from the product design.

How Do You Print On Inkjet Gloss Transparent Labels?

You can easily print on these labels using an inkjet printer, or you can simply write on the labels by hand. We also have a number of free label templates that you can download to help you with positioning the text within the labels.