Glass Removable Labels

Glass Removable Labels With Very Low Tack Adhesive Leaving No Sticky Residue Behind

Matt white paper peelable labels with a special very low tack adhesive, meaning that they can be easily removed from glass and delicate surfaces without leaving behind any residue. The special low tack adhesive was designed specifically for use in the double glazing industry, as they can easily be peeled from glass without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Glass removable labels are made with a special acrylic removable adhesive that provides low initial tack and very low ultimate adhesion Therefore, they will adhere to a surface for the required period of time, but remove cleanly once they are no longer requited.

As a cheaper alternative, we also stock standard removable labels on matt white paper.

Buy in 500 sheet packs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Made to order & dispatched within 5 – 7 working days.

Removable Labels
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GREM Glass Removable Labels Common Uses:

Glazing industry – this special adhesive was developed specially for use in the double glazing industry. Our glass removable labels have a very light adhesive which means they can be used on glass without leaving residue behind. This is particularly useful for glass companies that don’t want to be struggling to remove sticky adhesive residue after removing the labels.

Glass products and gifts – glass removable labels can be used on gift items made of glass where it is important that the label can be very easily removed.

Delicate materials – these labels can be stuck onto delicate materials like paper, books or cards, and then easily peeled off again leaving no sticky residue behind.

Auctions – auction houses need to label all of the items that they sell, and then easily removed again after an item is sold. Auction houses need to ensure that no residue is left behind, certainly on delicate items that may get damaged by a stronger permanent adhesive.

GREM – Glass Removable Labels Material Specification:

A bright white, multifunction uncoated, calendered paper designed for Litho, laser, and photocopiers. It also prints well in many Ink-Jet printers, though drying times may vary.

GREM Face Material Properties
Grammage 69 gsm
Caliper (thickness) 77 microns

GREM Adhesive
An Ultra-Removable Acrylic microsphere adhesive. This very modern technology creates a combination of tack and removability that are unmatched by any other adhesive available, giving the opportunity for labels to be applied for long periods of time to almost any surface and yet still be removed cleanly.

GREM Temperature Range:
Minimum application temp. 5°C
Storage range once applied -20°C to +60°C

GREM Backing Sheet
A white woodfree kraft backing paper
Thickness 52 microns
Grammage 56 gsm

GREM Environmental Information:
Paper components are either ECF or TCF grade manufactured using pulp from sustainable, managed resources. All dimensions are nominal target specifications, but may vary. All products within our range are manufactured under ISO9001:2008