Recycled Paper Labels

100% Recycled Paper Labels For Laser & Inkjet Printing – Permanent Adhesive

These eco-friendly labels are made from 100% recycled paper waste – i.e. paper that has been used before being thrown away, such as newspapers, books, and documents. These sticky labels on A4 sheets are suitable for laser and inkjet printers, or hand writing on.

Although made from recycled paper, these labels have a white face material similar to our standard matt white paper labels. They have a permanent adhesive that will stick to most materials.

We also offer biodegradable labels made from sugar cane fibre (bagasse), and brown kraft labels for a superb natural look.

Recycled labels come in 10, 25, 50, 100 & 500 sheet packs, from £7.20 inc VAT & UK mainland delivery. Dispatched same day or next working day.

Recycled Paper Labels
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Recycled Paper Labels Key Facts:

  • Label Material: 100% Recycled Waste Paper
  • Label Code: REC
  • Substance: 70 g/m²
  • Thickness: 91μm
  • Whiteness: 150%
  • Adhesive: General use permanent adhesive
  • Printer Suitability: Laser, Inkjet, Thermal Transfer, Offset and Flexography

What Are Recycled Paper Labels Made From?

100% post-consumer recycled uncoated white paper FSC certified (C011032). PERC Post-Consumer Recycled certification available.

What Can Recycled Paper Labels Be Used For?

Our recycled paper labels are perfect for businesses who sell eco-friendly products to use a more eco-friendly and sustainable labelling material.

This label material are ideal as eco-friendly address labels, shipping labels, product labels, and much more.

What Is The Difference Between Standard White Paper Labels and Recycled Paper Labels?

Recycled paper labels reduce the amount of virgin paper pulp and help with the conservation of forests by recycling paper waste. 100% post-consumer recycled waste paper is used to make these labels, making them a more eco-friendly alternative to standard matt white paper label material.

Recycled paper is better for the environment than virgin paper. It helps preserve trees by reducing the demand for wood. It also conserves resources because the fibres have already been processed previously.

What Is The Difference Between Recycled Paper and Brown Kraft Paper?

The main difference between brown kraft paper and recycled white paper is in the manufacturing process.

When making recycled white paper, the paper pulp is dyed white. This bleaching process changes the colour of the paper, which is why recycled paper is white and kraft paper is brown. It also breaks down the paper fibres, making them weaker. This is why brown kraft paper is stronger than white paper, as it is an unbleached material.

How Can You Print On Recycled Paper Labels?

You can easily print information on our recycled label sheets by using both laser or inkjet printers. We also have a number of free label templates that you can download to help you with positioning the text or images within the labels.